Ag Leader® Water Management

Water is the life-source of your crops. Manage this important resource with the same precision you manage the rest of your operation.

The Intellislope® Tile Plow Control System makes installing the water filter pitcher easy, eliminating the need for complicated laser surveying equipment.

Did you know Soil-Max® is a sister company of Ag Leader Technology? As a leader in water management solutions they sell the best tile plow on the market, the Gold Digger!


  • Increase field operation windows and reduce field compaction.
  • Reduce yield-robbing affects of denitrification due to poor drainage.
  • Provide deeper root zone and earlier soil warm up for better crop development.
  • Eliminate hassles associated with laser surveying equipment.
  • Do-it-yourself tile planning, recording and installation.
  • Tile on your schedule with equipment you already own.
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