Grid Soil Sampling Packages


$ 2

Per Acre Per Year
  • We will import your yield monitor data
  • Create fields and field boundaries for every field
  • Create phosphate and potassium recommendations for each field based solely on crop removal
  • We will export these recommendations to be used on your display!
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$ 9.50

Per Acre Per Year
  • We will pull one soil sample for every 2.5 acres using GPS equipment
  • Every 5th sample will include a micro nutrient Analysis
  • Maps showing where samples were pulled and P, K, K Sat, pH, BpH, OM, & CEC maps
  • Recommendations for 3 years after samples are pulled
  • And we’ll provide all maps and Rx recommendations on CD
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$ 11.50

Per Acre Per Year
  • $11.50 Per Acre Per Year if you participate in our Report Analyze Data Management
  • We will use the crop removal map from ‘Replacement’ service & combine with soil sam- pling program to create Phosphate and Potassi- um recommendations
  • Everything else the builder program has to offer
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