Ag Leader® AgFiniti®

AgFiniti connects your operation in real-time and on-the-go.

Ag Leader® AgFiniti® features:

  • Wireless connectivity across your entire farm year round
  • Share live field stats
  • Gain real-time insights with instant maps
  • Sync across all connected devices
  • Generate quick prescriptions
  • Free iPad app


Display-to-display communication within the InCommand® family of displays.


CartAce is a new feature of AgFiniti that connects your entire harvest operation with autosteer to seamlessly connect the grain cart and combine and all supporting vehicles for maximum productivity.

Ag Leader CartAce transfers the last pass AB Line from the combine through AgFiniti to the grain cart tractor. The grain cart driver can then engage autosteer and control their speed while the combine unloads into the grain cart. This allows the grain cart operator to only have to control the forward and backward position of the grain cart and helps increase efficiency and productivity.