Ag Info Tech Turf: A New Brand of Precision

Ag Info Tech is your Precision Turf provider specializing in installations and support of aftermarket solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of Precision Ag technology, we expanded our knowledge and expertise into the green industry. We are dedicated to keeping you running with over ten service technicians.

Our Support

Ag Info Tech is not just a hardware dealership. We follow through and take full ownership of the products we sell. Our team is dedicated to training you to use any equipment we offer to its fullest potential so you can achieve excellence at every level.

Our Services

  • aftermarket technology sales
  • installation, service, and training
  • 24 hour tech support
  • seamless data management
    • chemical use reporting
    • GPS Precision mapping of the course
    • application maps and records
    • coverage sharing between multiple machines

We Are Your Precision Turf Professionals

  • retrofit your existing equipment with today’s latest GPS technology
  • increase your efficiency by covering more ground with the 30 foot Featherweight Booms
  • maintain uniform coverage with Capstan PWM technology
    • pressure control resulting in proper droplet size with varying rates and speed
    • turn compensation and nozzle-by-nozzle section control
    • Stop wasting time changing tips!

We will transform your current equipment into a precision system that fits your budget.