Ag Leader® SeedCommand™

Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not in proper control of how much seed you plant or where it’s planted, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance.

SeedCommand benefits:

  • Variable rate planting: Maximize yield based on variations in the field.
  • AutoSwath automatic shut-offs: Eliminate overplanting at point rows and already planted areas.
  • Advanced Seed Monitoring: Reduce doubles and skips and improve spacing with seed-by-seed views of your row units.
  • Down Force Pressure: Plant at proper seed depth across the planter toolbar.
  • Year Round Displays: The Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays map and record all your field activities – from planting through harvest.
  • Complete Package: Paired with our automated steering systems and SMS™ Software, you’ve got a complete year-round package.