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It’s important to us to make every effort to select products and partners we can stand by. We believe that quality products make for quality, lasting relationships.

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Support comes in many ways. We are here when you need  us. Count on Ag Info Tech to be there for you when you need us the most. We are but a phone call away.

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We pride ourselves in offering our clients superb customer service. As farmers ourselves, we understand the importance of making sure your farm is running smoothly.

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Technology shouldn’t be scary. Our knowledgeable staff can help you understand why using new technology to handle your farm is necessary in today’s farming community.

Our Upcoming Events

Event Information:

  • Thu

    Ag Leader & Soil-Max Product Showcase

    10am-3pmDer Dutchman | SR-97 & I-71

    Ag Leader: The Most Complete Precision Ag Product Line Offered!

    Presented by Factory Representatives from Ag Leader & Soil-Max!
    Registration Begins at 9:30am
    Lunch is Included!


    Morning Session:

    • Examine the most versatile and best Precision Ag Displays in the industry
    • Discuss the benefits of AgFiniti and Display Cast to safely and securely move your data from display to display and to the AgFiniti Cloud.
    • Take an in-depth look at the various solutions that the SeedCommand product lines can bring to your farming operation.
    • Show how you can easily share that data with your combine yield monitor.
    • Talk about the new calibration procedures for the yield monitor.

    Afternoon Session:

    • Show how you can use AgFiniti for quick and easy yield analysis.
    • Look at the Direct Command product line and show the benefits of the Ag Leader Droplet Size Monitoring and NEW Hybrid Mode.
    • Explore how the OptRx Infrared Sensors can help you manage your nitrogen program.
    • Look at Tile Design Software in SMS
    • Show how that design can be utilized by the InCommand 1200 and Intellislope to install tile.
    • Review what’s new with the SoilMax product line.