I got tired of hearing only negative things about the Ag Industry.  Years ago just about everybody had some type of connection to a farm.  Either a relative or a friend was involved in agriculture somehow.  But today that is just not the case.  I feel that there are so many misconceptions about agriculture due to the lack of that direct connection to the farm.  When people visit a modern farm and see the technology that we are implementing they are amazed.  Most say that they had no idea of the technology that was being used in modern farming operations.  I anted to bring that experience to more than just the people that visit a farm and decided to create a video series that talks about Family Farms and how they are utilizing technology to produce more with less.  I have the privilege to work with some of the greatest people in the world.  Our growers have a genuine interest in leaving the land in better condition than it was when they found it.  They have a deep concern for their environment and it shows by the investments that they make in their operations to conserve their resources.  They are the true conservationist! These video’s are here for you to use to tell Ag’s story in a positive and professional way.  Please watch them and share them with your friends and acquaintances and help tell Production Agriculture’s positive story.