Service Plans

Ag Info Tech’s mission is to help our clients fully integrate technology solutions into their business that save time, energy, and money. We are continuing to invest in our team by adding technicians, implementing new processes and training to ensure you, our customer, is being served efficiently and effectively. By partnering with us in our service plan we can ensure you are taken care of any time you are working, having loaner equipment available if something goes wrong, and setting you up for success in both spring time and fall.

FIT Program

What is FIT?

FIT is a partnership between AIT and our clients.

  • As your trusted advisor, we deliver full utilization of precision agriculture hardware & services
  • We form a consistent investment of strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • We help you focus your time, money, and energy where it matters most

Soil Health

Enhanced soil health is the basis for a FIT farm

  • 1 acre or 2.5 acre grid sampling in 1-4 year rotations
  • Every 5th sample includes a micro nutrient analysis
  • All samples include P, K, K Sat, pH, BpH, OM, and CEC
  • Variable rate P, K, and lime prescriptions for up to 4 years after samples are pulled

Our soil samples are pulled using RTK accuracy and robotic machines, which provides proven repeatability and less error.