While visiting a local restaurant in Columbus, Ohio I was disturbed at the sign that was placed on every table.  It read “Those that have the economic means to do so, should make the ethical choice to buy organic foods whenever possible.”  This statement instantly made me angry!  To me it insinuated that production farming is unethical and that really bothered me.  I feel that Organic is a choice, and those that choose to grow it and consume it have the right to do so.  The meal that I had at the restaurant that had the sign was very good.  The fact is that both Organic and Non Organic food are safe and ethical.  However if all of production Agriculture would switch to organic where would we get the labor force to work the ground?  How much more fossil fuel would we consume to till and cultivate the soil vrs. using No-Till?  How many people would starve because we would not have as much food due to the fact that organic farms produces less then conventional farms.  Also the food that we would produce would cost substantially higher and some people would not be able to afford to purchase food.  Organic vrs. Non Organic is complicated issue and I feel that this video from Canada does a very good job of telling both sides of the story and you can decide for yourself what is best for you and your family.