Precision Data Packages


$ 295

Per Year
  • We will import your planting data.
  • We will print out Planting Reports and place them in a book format for you.
  • We will import your yield data.
  • We will print out your Yield Maps and place them in a book format.
  • We will place your raw data in Agri-Vault for secure storage.
  • We will place your reports in Agri-Vault for later use.
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Complete Data SolutionMost Popular

$ 2 to 4

Per Acre Per Year Ask Your Salesman for Details
  • Includes everything from the Monitor Package.
  • Planting, Yield, Soil Type and soil sampling layers are all combined.
  • That combined layer is Analyzed in Agri-Vault.
  • You will have several reports to choose from.
  • Yield by Soil Type, Variety, Planting Date, Singulation, Gauge Wheel Load, P. K. pH, BpH, OM, CEC
  • You will be given a “Confidence Level for Each Row of Data.
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